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LiftMaster SL585 & EL25 Telephone Entry Kit Promotion 
Manufacturer Liftmaster
LiftMaster SL585 & EL25 Telephone Entry Kit Promotion

Price: $2,694.00

Choose your Liftmaster SL585U by Model/ Horsepower/ Voltage/ Phase: SL585501U/ 1/2 HP/ Dual Voltage/ Single Phase (115V/208V/230V)
SL585503U/ 1/2 HP/ Dual Voltage/ Three Phase (208V/230V/460V)
SL585505U/ 1/2 HP/ Three Phase/ 575V
SL585101U/ 1 HP/ Dual Voltage/ Single Phase (115V/208V/230V) (+$350.00)
SL585103U/ 1 HP/ Dual Voltage/ Three Phase (208V/230V/460V) (+$350.00)
SL585105U/ 1 HP/ Three Phase/ 575V (+$350.00)
SL585151U/ 1 1/2 HP/ Dual Voltage/ Phase (115V/208V/230V) (+$385.00)
Add Heater Not compatible with 460V. No, do not add a Liftmaster Heater HTRNB
Add a Liftmaster Heater HTRNB (+$213.33)

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  • LiftMaster SL585 Slide Gate Opener
  • Elite EL25 Telephone Entry System
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The LiftMaster SL585 is a durable heavy-duty gear-driven operator for use on heavy gates and high-cycle applications such as gated communities and industrial locations.



  • Photocell
LiftMaster SL585 Slide Gate Opener features:
  • LED DIAGNOSTIC DISPLAY Simplifies installation and troubleshooting.
  • DUAL VOLTAGE CONNECTIONS Increase flexibility by enabling the installer to select the required voltage, within phase, to meet job-site requirements. Voltage is selectable within phases at the time of installation with the placement of a connector.
    • Single Phase: 115V, 208V and 230V
    • 3 Phase: 208V, 230V and 460V
    • 3 Phase: 575V is a discrete model without field-selectable voltage. Includes factory installed heater.
  • PROGRAMMABLE AUXILIARY RELAYS Easily add additional features, such as warning lights/alarms.
  • PRE-MOTION WARNING ALARM Activates onboard alarm three seconds prior to gate motion.
  • MECHANICAL BRAKING SYSTEM Adds substantial gate position control at all points in travel. This solenoid-actuated brake system also prevents the gate from being back-driven.
  • MAXIMUM RUN TIMER Protects against damage to the gate and operator by limiting the unit’s runtime to 120 seconds.
  • EXTERNAL ALARM RESET BUTTON Allows for quick reset of the gate operator when the alarm has been activated.
  • ADJUSTABLE FRICTION CLUTCH Helps to protect gate and operator from damage should the door meet an obstruction.
  • ANTI-TAILGATE Prevents unauthorized access. Gate will pause when closing as vehicle pulls onto interrupt loop or breaks photo beam. Once vehicle backs up, gate will continue to close.
  • QUICK CLOSE Closes the gate immediately after a vehicle pulls off the interrupt loop.
  • HOMELINK® COMPATIBLE Version 4 and higher.
  • SECURITY+ 2.0® ON-BOARD RADIO RECEIVER Up to 50 remote controls (unlimited with 811LM/813LM).
LiftMaster SL585 Slide Gate Opener Specifications:
  • POWER 115/208/230 VAC. Single Phase. 208/230/460/575 VAC. 3 Phase.
  • ACCESSORY POWER 24VAC, 500mA max.
  • MONITORED SAFETY INPUTS 3 Main Board, 3 Expansion Board.
  • TEMPERATURE SPECIFICATIONS Without Heater: -4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C). With optional heater (HTRNB: HTR460 for 460V operators): -40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60°C).
  • GATE TRAVEL SPEED 11 in. per second.
LiftMaster SL585 Slide Gate Opener Constuction:
  • P3 MOTOR® High starting torque continuous-duty motor.
  • OPERATOR DUTY RATING 20 cycles per hour.
  • CHASSIS Heavy-duty steel chassis and lockable powdercoated steel cover withstand extreme and harsh environments.
  • METAL FRAME 7-gauge pre-galvanized steel.
  • WORM GEAR REDUCTION 20:1 worm gear reducer in synthetic oil bath.
  • CHAIN #50 nickel-plated (25 ft. supplied).
  • COVER Weather-resistant, lockable, 16-gauge steel.
  • OPERATOR WEIGHT 240 lbs.

LiftMaster SL585 Slide Gate Opener Manuals

Liftmaster SL585 Sell Sheet

Liftmaster SL585 Installation Manual
Elite EL25 is beautifully engineered for private residences, but is powerful enough to be used for condominiums, apartment complexes, office parks and commercial sites. The EL25 can accept up to 2000 completely flexible codes that can accommodate up to 25 homes and can be programmed through a PC using a dial up modem.This Elite unit may be purchased as a base unit.

Camera Options Available!
  • No Camera
  • EL25BWCAMKT: Black and white camera kit @ 420 lines resolution.
  • EL25CCAMKT: Color camera kit @ 380 lines resolution
  • EL25DVRCAMKT: DVR compatible low-lux color camera kit @ 480 lines resolution

This unit is also customizable with plug-in modules for use with keypads, proximity readers, and more. Call us at 1-800-730-8003

Elite EL25 Specifications

  • 1 Year warranty
  • Anti-Passback - waits a pre-programmed period of time before allowing a code to be reused
  • Auto Sensor input - Automatically dial when a vehicle or device approaches the building
  • Call button - User-friendly button initiates a call to the residence
  • Transaction monitoring - Stores 4,000 transactions including date, time, unit & ID
  • Activity reports - Print database reports
  • Remote Updates - Updates may be made using a computer and modem connection
  • Automatic door / gate unlock schedule - Unlock the gate or door at set times
  • Time Zones - Up to 62 different time zones with 3 segments each
  • Distinctive ringing - Features a unique double ring to distinguish between normal phone calls and calls from the EL25
  • Recessed, ADA compliant keypad - Illuminated keys with help assistance to audibly announce the next key press on the keypad
  • Call waiting - Answer the gate while on another call
  • Call forwarding (EXCLUSIVE FEATURE!) - Grant or deny access from a remote location! Can be set automatically or manually!
  • Do not disturb (EXCLUSIVE FEATURE!) - Assignable on a tenant by tenant basis. May be programmed through a touch tone phone.

    Elite EL25 Manuals

    Elite EL25 Installation Guide

    Elite EL25 Programming Guide
Liftmaster 828LM Internet GatewayLiftmaster 828LM Internet Gateway - $60.95
Connect your garage door opener, gate operator and MyQ® Accessories to the Internet, enabling smartphone control.
Liftmaster 811LM Single Button Remote ControlLiftmaster 811LM Single Button Remote Control - $17.50
Liftmaster 811LM is a universal DIP Single-Button Remote Control

Liftmaster LA400PKGU

  • One Arm
  • Battery Backup & control board
  • Photocell
  • Two 811LM Remotes

Liftmaster LA400PKGU Dual

  • Two Arms
  • Battery Backup & control board
  • Photocell
  • 828LM Internet Gateway

Liftmaster LA412PKGU

  • One Arm
  • Battery Backup & control board
  • Photocell
  • 828LM Internet Gateway

Liftmaster LA500PKGU

  • One Arm
  • Battery Backup & control board
  • Photocell
  • Two 811LM Remotes

- toll free message center with immediate call back (800) 803-8093

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