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Protect Your Property With Technologically Advanced Security Solutions!

Security has been the prime concern of folks for centuries. However, the importance of security has gained the huge hype in the current Dark Age where crime and corruption are at their highest peak. In this crime filled epoch, having a sense of foolproof protection all around our premises has become more integral than ever. While we can do many things to safeguard our property, one of the best and easiest ways that must not be turned a blind eye while installing the security devices is the use of technologically advanced locks like Swing Gate Operator or Liftmaster RSW12V...

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Commercial Benefits of Liftmaster CSL24U Slide Gate Openers

Slide gate openers provide top-notch security from any outside interference. Slide gate openers are used for both residential and commercial purposes. Commercial slide gate operators are designed for heavy duty use in commercial / industrial applications. The Liftmaster CSL24U is one of the best performing slide gate openers in the market for commercial use.

A heavy duty commercial slide gate opener should be utilized in situations requiring a large number of cycles per day. Slide gate openers have a motorized gear wheel that moves the gate left or right at a right angle to the driveway. The power gets transmitted from the motor gear wheel to the gate following a ‘gear rack’ that is mounted on the gate...

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The next generation radio access control: LiftMaster STAR1000 Receiver.

Let’s talk about the commercial/parking applications receiver from LiftMaster. The LiftMaster STAR1000 Receiver with the new Security+ 2.0 technology is considered the next generation radio access control. The simple fact that it delivers 2x the range and greater transmitter capacity than most of the standalone systems in the market today makes it a highly useful unit. The STAR1000 allows the management of multiple access points, like gate and parking application with remote control needs. It has both individual and block programming, which simplifies the coding of large quantities of remote controls onsite. Allows you to suspend, remove, reinstate and add access to the property either individually or in bulk...

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CSW24V Swing Gate Operator Now Available!

Liftmaster CSW24V Swing Gate Operator

The LiftMaster® Elite Series® model CSW24V Swing Gate Operator (also referred to as a swing gate opener or swing gate motor) is engineered for a million cycles in high-cycle, heavy-duty applications. A Battery Backup System provides uninterrupted access when the power is out, and Security+ 2.0™ technology virtually eliminates radio interference. It also features integrated MyQ™ technology and the industry’s only standard wireless dual gate communication system. The CSW24V Swing Gate Operator is rated for gates 18 ft. long or 1,200 lbs.

Battery Backup System provides uninterrupted access when the power is out Provides up to 7 days or 100 cycles on battery backup. Also powers safety and ancillary devices.

Provides 2x the range of standard remote c...

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Exclusive CAME Gate Operators Integrate LiftMaster Technology and Performance with Superior Design

Elmhurst, IL – August 2012 – LftMaster, the lindeing manufacturer of access automation in North America, has joined forces with Italy-based CAME Cancelli, the foremost producer of access automation in Europe, to unveil a new line of residential gate operators that deliver on design, technology and performance. LiftMaster will exclusively market three CAME-branded operators optimized with LiftMaster’s Security+ 2.0™ technology, providing the North American marketplace with innovative gate access solutions.

“CAME brings a new, unrivaled design to our current offerings and boosts our dealers’ ability to provide a wider array of solutions to their customers,” says Jim Roberts, CEO of The Cham...

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